specification and prices
(6W or 20W)
Laser engraving machine
TBK 958A
Automatic alignment mold
One-click engraving
High Resolution Embedded Computer
Equipment and spare parts for display repair
Removing the back glass cover iPhone 8, 8+, Х, ХR, XS, XS max, 11, 11Pro, 11Pro Max

Removing front frame of Samsung, Huawei, iPhone 8, 8+, X, XR, XS, XS max, 360, Jin li, LG, Mei tu, Mei zu, NOKIA, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, Yi jia, etc.

Engraving on any kind of metal or plastic
What is the laser machine for?
Watch the video about replacing the iPhone X back glass cover
Сheck out the video of laser engraving
Download frame separating drawings for 496 smartphone models
Screen: 20x15 cm
Weight: 33.5 kg
Shipping Weight: 45 kg
Laser power: 6 W and 20 W (optional)
Laser Accuracy: 0.001mm
Laser speed: up to 10000 mm / s
Cooling: embedded cooling system
Technical parameters of the laser machine
Speed controller
Automatic to manual switch mode
Manual platform adjustment
Working platform
Alignment mold
Computer power button
Laser power button
Built-in computer with HD resolution
Autofocus button
Height measurement
Wireless keyboard
Wireless mouse
Download model specification and prices(6W or 20W)
Laser wavelength: 1064 nm
Engraving Depth: 0.015-0.5 mm
Power Supply: 110 V / 220 V
Working platform: 175x175 mm
Power: 500W
Size: 29x57x59.8 cm
Packaging: 68x40x70 cm